Welcome to the resources section of this site. There are literally thousands of internet resources out there, so I have selected some that I feel are useful (and free!). Most of the ideas have a link to the download attached.  In time I will categorise them into Grades and topics but for the moment they are all listed below. If you have a good resource that you like to share, please email the link or document to info@remedialteachers.co.za.

place value concnetration

Place Value Memory Game

Download a free copy of the cards Place-Value-Concentration – sourced from www.playdoughtoplato.com


5 Multiplication games for kids Visit the site here

Dice game ideas – Dice are a wonderful tool to have in your support toolbox!



Lovely idea to use a simple game such as UNO to practice Maths – Click here for instructions


Dominoes are another easy to use tool for your support toolbox! Here the children assemble the different combinations to make the required number. Great for learning bonds of 10.

Another great idea for bonds of 10 is to use a deck of cards. Here is a game idea:

How to play Make Ten:

  1. Remove the face cards from a deck of playing cards and place the deck, face down on the table.
  2. Each player chooses 5 cards and places the cards in front of him.
  3. The first player uses the 5 cards to create as many equations as he can in which the sum equals ten. For example, If I have 9, 9, 3, 2, 4, I could make the following equations: 9+4-3=10 and
  4. After making as many equations as possible, player sets aside the used cards and play passes to the next player.
  5. Play continues with players refilling their hands to 5 cards at the start of each turn.
  6. Whoever uses the most cards by the end of the deck wins.

For many more card game ideas, visit this link Card game ideas


Expanded form can be a tricky concept but with this game, it’s quick to SHOW kids how separating numbers into their parts can be quick and easy!

The set comes with number cards for each place value, 4 different 10-sided dice and a worksheet for them to practice on.

Download the place value game here: ExpandedFormPlaceValueGame2015

Free from www.littlelearninglovies.com